Social Coin

Build Stronger Relationships

Create deeper brand connections between attendees, brands and your event. Generate more engagement and deliver more data by enhancing on-site experience. Deliver tangible ROI to your sponsors by providing avenues to increase their reach.


Why Social Coin?


Rich Data Insights

Generate deeper analytics through social and event data. With real-time customer data collection, you can view in-depth event data like audience engagement, demographic profiles and contact information. When combined with Cashless Coin, you can deliver even deeper insights with respect to guest purchases.

Boost Sponsor ROI

Give your sponsors unrivalled value for money. Let your sponsors walk away from your event knowing they got exactly what they wanted for the money spent. Events that deliver rich attendee data and clear ROI land the big sponsors. Let Social Coin justify the premium for your sponsorships by putting an end to form filling and providing your sponsors with seamless lead generation for post-event engagement.


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deliver increased Engagement

Take the on-site experience one step further for both attendees as you connect them with the brands they love. Social Coin provides unique activation opportunities for brands looking for creative ways to extend their reach. Asking guests to stop and fill forms results in low engagement and brands end up giving away samples with nothing to show for it. Allow attendees link their wristbands to their social media accounts for branded event check-ins so your sponsors can connect with guests on a deeper level. Guests simply need to tap their credential and data is shared, which in turn leads to higher engagement rates.