As a DIY online ticketing platform in Nigeria, Tix is unmatched. Create an account and go live to selling paid tickets in minutes. Tix was built to ensure you don’t have to drive across Lagos to get your event manually approved in order to sell event tickets online. In addition to selling tickets online, you can utilize Tix event manager apps to manage events admissions.



It takes one tenth of a second to validate a wristband using our Access Control system, that’s a fraction of the time it’ll take to manually process an attendee by checking a guest list or scanning a bar code ticket. With our Access Control system, you can keep the queues moving fast for happier guests.

In real time, our power data portal allows you (the event organiser) to track admissions and capacity in real time - per hour, per ticket type, per station and more.

As our RFID chip cannot be duplicated or copied, you can eliminate scammers and fraudulent tickets at your event. Also, tickets can’t be passed back to let multiple people in. Avoid costly mistakes by relying on humans to validate credentials, our simple, yet powerful RFID devices do it better.


100% Offline

No online connectivity required. Cashless Coin seamlessly runs offline with our wireless mesh networking technology. We provide a fail-safe system that will function offline when the network connection is lost. With Festival Coins, “there’s no network” is a story of the past. Network disruptions don’t mean sales disruptions.

Increase Attendee Spend

By significantly reducing the transaction time, our system increases the rate at which attendees spend at your event. Your guests encouraged to spend more on-site as they have full control of their cash flow and can easily top-up. We provide multiple top-up options, from cash to card, via your event website or on-site at your event so your guests never run out of money to spend.

Complete Transparency

You should know what’s happening at your event. Get complete transparency into vendor sales and product performance. Using Cashless Coin, you can see exactly what each vendor sold, which products were performing and even spot sales gaps.