How Festival Coins is Disrupting Events


The events industry in Nigeria is growing increasingly competitive and players in the space, from planners to sponsors, are looking for ways to gain a competitive edge through innovation. 

Through our suite of  RFID solutions, Festival Coins aims to to shape the future of events locally and clearing the path to smarter, faster and seamless events. By placing data at the forefront, Festival Coins will provide event organisers unparalleled information about their guests to allow for even more streamlined experiential events. 

How Does It Work

Using Radio Frequency Identification Devices, RFID for short, Festival Coins allows information unique to a user be stored on a chip. This chip can come in a wristband, lanyard or card. Using a radio transmitter and receiver, RFID devices can be paired with a reader through encrypted communication signals. This provides an avenue for tracking, identifying and transferring information across devices.

Why Festival Coins and not someone else?

We use a completely offline system that ensures 100% uptime while other cashless systems operate a wireless offline system. Sounds similar, but far from it. While they technically operate on an offline basis, they have significant disadvantages. 

Wireless offline systems employ a singular on-site server and all payment devices are connected to this server. Transactions are processed on the server and not on the device. These systems only work offline when the server is online. If server experiences any connection issues, the entire system is challenged.

Festival Coins, on the other hand, employs a truly offline system and all transactions are securely processed on our devices. Transaction data is then synced to a cloud server when possible. We also store transaction data on guest wristbands and when a wristband comes in contact with different devices, the data is backed up across these devices. 

The key distinction between our service and others is that in the event of connectivity issues or power outages, transactions don’t stop. Your event isn’t shut down and the party goes on. Festival Coins is ideal for events in remote locations where internet is next to nonexistent. 

If you’re ready to take your event to the next level, get in touch.