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From entry to on-site activity, Festival Coins helps event managers connect the entire guest experience and unlock valuable insights. Our platform enhances event security, increases on-site spend, assists richer brand activations and, most importantly, give you more control over your event. Organising an event is already hard enough, let's take care of the back end while you create the perfect experience


Access Coin

With our secure and frictionless ticketing and access control system, we significantly reduce queues and ticket fraud while giving the event manager full control of admissions.

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Cashless Coin

Make more money and improve the guest experience by turning your event Cashless. We increased onsite spend for one of our clients by 135%.

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Social Coin

Create more valuable sponsorships and Festival Coins Social helps event managers deliver higher ROI to sponsors and create more valuable brand activations.

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Our Technology

We take care of the back end so your attendees can have the time of their lives without worrying about all the inconveniences that come with large live events. Say goodbye to queues and get people in faster with our Access Coin system. By implementing our Cashless Coin system, change will never be an issue.


We take the stress out of event management. You can achieve a lot more by implementing Festival Coins.

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A Top 10 Service

Do you want to increase on site spend by up to 135%? Our cashless coin system will also help you reduce queues and improve attendee satisfaction. Provide meaningful ROI to sponsors with Social Coin