RFID Ticketing & Access Control

  • Improve guest experience by getting guests in faster

  • Secure your event

  • Real time capacity data

Why use Access Control?

By replacing paper tickets with our advanced RFID Access Control Systems, you can stamp out ticket fraud completely as the RFID tags are impossible to duplicate. With Access Control, an event organiser can accurately track the flow of guests and validate tickets. It gives the event organiser full control of admissions, enables streamlined entry and collects real-time capacity data. Improve guest satisfaction by speeding up entry times without the hassle and delay of ticket scanners. You can control multiple ticket types within a single system without complex colour coded wristbands that rely on human memory.

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Improve Guest Experience

It takes one tenth of a second to validate a wristband using our Access Control system, that’s a fraction of the time it’ll take to manually process an attendee by checking a guest list or scanning a bar code ticket. With our Access Control system, you can keep the queues moving fast for happier guests.

In real time, our power data portal allows you (the event organiser) to track admissions and capacity in real time - per hour, per ticket type, per station and more.


Eliminate Ticket Fraud

As our RFID chip cannot be duplicated or copied, you can eliminate scammers and fraudulent tickets at your event. Also, tickets can’t be passed back to let multiple people in. Avoid costly mistakes by relying on humans to validate credentials, our simple, yet powerful RFID devices do it better.


Reduce Staffing Costs

With Festival Coins, you can reduce your headcount and associated staffing costs by eliminating dozens of manual accreditation desks by implementing our Access Control Systems. Depending on your event and set up, guests can also self check in all together.

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